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What is [repbaza.spb.ru]?

This web site, together with its contents is published and maintained by [repbaza.spb.ru], the main jam spot for Saint Petersburg's musician. The purpose of this site is to provide information on our services. Since our clients are local musicians, most materials of this site available in russian only.

[repbaza.spb.ru] is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As result of these efforts, our showcase rooms and rehearsal spaces are literally stacked with the best gear, featuring names like FENDER, MARSHALL, AMPEG, MESA/BOOGIE, TAMA, YAMAHA and many more. To top it off, our rehearsal space is clean, our rooms are soundproofed and bright, our staff are friendly, and our rates are extremely reasonable. This is a popular place in Saint Petersburg, the "music capital" of Russia.


Saint Petersburg and North-West Russia Equipment Hire

[repbaza.spb.ru] also provides equipment hire for national and international touring artists, local music bands, concerts, festivals and State institutions. When You looking for best gear or when your equipment simply fails, we can supply a backup service including delivery and pick up. You can choose from a wide range of gear.

Whether You're a major star or just jamming for the first time, [repbaza.spb.ru] tech crew will look after You. Following highlight lists should give you a good impression of who we are working for and with. It is not quiet complete but it might help you to get a better idea of who we are.

How wide the range of jobs is that we do:

  • Mapex Day St. Petersburg (special guest legendary Walfredo Reyers Jr. (drummer of Carlos Santana band));
  • Ecological festival at Primorsk City (Main Stage, more when 100km out of Saint Petersburg);
  • Live hardcore party at deserted factory (at winter);
  • The Scatalites (former Bob Marley band) concert at Orlandina club;
  • Numerous club concerts of national metal, punk, rock stars and famous artists.

Technical support, repair of tube amplifiers, rental and maintenance of equipment available round-the-clock. We can provide You with the best service on stage and assist You in choosing and organizing the transport logistics of your project. Contact us for detailed questions and suggestions.

Please remember to provide the following items:

  • Artist and venue;
  • Rider list, rental period;
  • Timings: get in, sound check, concert, etc.;
  • Contacts on site (including mobile numbers!);
  • And last but not least your contact info.

Terms of Use, Copyrights, etc.

All guys may use the materials displayed on our website absolutely free. You are granted a right to simply create a hyperlink to this web site so long as the link does not portray [repbaza.spb.ru], its affiliates and/or their services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive manner.

The names of companies, institutions or publications pictured or mentioned and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Their use neither constitutes a claim of the trademarks by [repbaza.spb.ru] nor affiliation of the trademark owners with [repbaza.spb.ru]. Some materials are from official product catalogs or adapted therefrom. The copyright in the original photograph remains with the respective photographer.

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